Welcome to Jaden's JV Center

Aloha!   Thank you for being a part of my team for expanding consciousness on the planet! I've setup this program as a THANK YOU for your support! As we work together towards building awareness, everyone wins!

How Does it Work?

The process is very simple: 1. You sign up here & get an "Affiliate ID" 2. You send an email to your list using your Affiliate ID link. 3. Anyone who clicks your link to visit my site is registered with your code. 4. If the visitor purchases this course, you will receive commission for this sale! (you also get notified automatically) 5. This program is $997. So you would get: • 25% commission for mailing lists under 1,000. • 33% commission for mailing lists under 1k-5k. • 50% commission for mailing lists over 5k. The software defaults to 25%. If you have a larger list, please contact Jaden to have this changed! 🙂 6. Payment is made 45-60 days after purchase. For those who pay a one time amount, you would get payment in full after 45-60 days. For those who pay in 3 installments, you would end up getting 2 separate payments. 7. You will be mailed a check or sent a Paypal for any program commissions.  

Anyone can be an JV affiliate!

Simply click "Sign-up" and enter your information, you'll receive your personally coded link to send to your list. NOTE: People will see your Affiliate ID in the link, so keep it short and simple. If you don't want it to be obvious, you can just enter a 5 digit number (any 5 or more characters).