This is a resource list for this course.   These are the resources that I have engaged that had some value in my universe and were generally inspirational to the OUTCREATING program.  I collected and journeyed through this information over the span of a year or so.  Periodically I reach a space where I am "hungry" to learn more, so I went out and researched more deeply.   I would then get "full"... spend time digesting, integrating, and clearing the bullshit I picked up.  Later I would return and go deeper.

Here are my suggestions for the resources that have been the most useful to me:

1.  George Kavassalis & Eve Lorgen "The Alien Agenda"

SuperWooRadio Ep9 - Eve Lorgen "The Alien Agenda".mp3          superwoo A really deep overview of the research and look at the Alien Agenda, it's players and politics.   (There is SOOO much information, I've never been able to hear the whole thing in one listen and remain coherent.)  I almost made this a homeplay.   I strongly encourage this audio program.  It's the best I've found on the scope and hierarchy of the aliens. Georges other programs can be found here:

2.  Eve Lorgen's Audio Library

I really enjoy Eve's work.  She is a consummate researcher who weeds out the bullshit and fear-porn and bridges connections where she sees them.  Here work is the best in the field for me.

I have a whole folder of audios, here are some that I recommend:              folderfolder

1-Eve Lorgen-interview_skywatcher_radio.mp3

2-Eve Lorgen- Cosmic Blueprints Critical Mass Radio_4-2013.mp3

3-MILABS & Super Soldiers Part 2- Eve Lorgen-James Bartley.mp3

4-MILABS & Super Soldiers Part 3-Eve Lorgen - Shattering The Matrix.mp3

5-MILABS & Super Soldiers Part 1-Eve Lorgen - Shattering The Matrix.mp3

(You already have the two audios with a "9-Eve..." in Module 9)

Interview with Maarit, a Scandinavian MILAB |

Here is a folder of Eve's PDF Materials.       folderfolder

Here is Eve's website: (loaded with information)

3.  Dr Melanga's "Genesis I & II"

Dr. Melange is an Italian researcher who has done hypnosis regressions with the intention of "mapping" the terrain our our reality.  His viewpoint is extraordinarily expansive (more then any other person I have ever studied).  I found his work fascinating and profoundly useful, though hard to digest due to the translations from italian.

I would STRONGLY suggest reading the following documents where he talks about the big picture of things as he sees them:

Genesis 1-Dr Malanga.pdf

Genesis 2- Gods of the Indus Valley-Dr Malanga.pdf


I have English translations of many of his other works, all in Dr Malanga's Research folder (some are google translations).        folderfolder

Here is his official site where english translations are kept:                                  repas-ufo_rouen_logo-mgr

4.  Stephanie Relfe's "Mars Records"

Stephanie is the researcher who brought you the "Wernicke's Commands" info we studied early on in the course.   She does a process that is like hypnosis with a lie detector device attached to the subject.

She has a groundbreaking ebook where she shares her research files on a client who turns out has a life working in a Mars Colony.  It's a bit challenging to read at first, but once you get the hang of the document you can see a LOT from the information.

Mars Records 1- Stephanie Relfe.pdf

Mars Records 2- Stephanie Relfe.pdf

Here is a folder with all of Stephanie Relfe's work I have found valuable           folderfolder

Here are Stephanie's websites:                    metatech-largeX190

5.  Fritz Springmeier - Mind Control

It doesn't get any more hardcore then this.  Fritz is the son of a master Mind Control programmer who worked for the US Military (who worked under Josef Mengele -the celebrated [or despised] Nazi programmer)

Fritz was himself trained to be a master programmer... at some point something snapped and he started to recall in vivid detail his training.  He documents what he has learned/remembered in his books.  A good place to start is here:

1-The Illuminati Formula Used to Create Mind control slaves.pdf

It's after reading parts of this book and seeing just how many connections to this content that I had inside me, I could no longer deny that I had some level of involvement in a program that used mind control conditioning.

Reading his work has helped me to understand more thoroughly how fractures can be created and programmed.  NOTE:  This is intense shit!  It is also quite tangly and easy to trigger further programming that you may have previously avoided.  And you may recognize a LOT of stuff in here, which can lead you to assume you have undergone these things.  If so ask:

Ask:  Truth, did I undergo direct programming or was the programming indirect?  (broadcast at me?)

If direct, ask:  Truth, did I the infinite being undergo this?  a conditioned fracture under go it?  or something else?

I found, the deeper I look into this stuff, the more I can "put myself" there... and not to my benefit.   So while it's pretty intense shit... it seriously opens your eyes to the magnitude of manipulation possible in just this one military-alien context alone. (much less the entire spectrum of possibility)

Here is a folder with all of Fritz Springmeier's work that I have been drawn to.             folderfolder

Fritz’s main website:

These pdf books were downloaded from:                    image001                         

6.  Andrew Bartzis - Galactic Historian

Andrew has a capacity to read a variety of Akashic records from several viewpoints.  While I find his perspective can be limited and manipulated at times (my IPOV) his descriptions of the galactic story were interesting and felt like they expanded my viewpoint to a larger reality.

He speaks from the "sacred neutral"... which is a limited viewpoint by definition.

Regardless, I find his work entertaining and expansive at times.

Things that were particularly useful were:

Youtube:  Andrew Bartzis - Galactic History - Part 1-20

Here is his website:                                      galactic                    

7.  Lisa Renee - Energetic Synthesis

When I'm in certain moods I can listen to her work and find value.  She was helpful in stepping into the viewpoint that I could do things to avoid being abducted:

Youtube: Commanding Space during Sleep State

Timelines - Energetic Synthesis                                        energy

I found this document of hers to be particularly useful:

Alien Implants-Suppressor Parasite Entity (SPE)- Lisa Renee.docx

Here is a folder with some other documents as well.                        folderfolder

Here is her website:

8.  David Icke

I found this video particularly useful for this course:

David Icke ☼ The Archons Are Terrified Of Humans Awakening

Here is David's website:                                     new-logo-david-icke2

Here is a link to the whole Deep Dive collection.               folderfolder