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Here's what people are saying about Jaden's work...

“Jaden's course and those choosing to play in it, have been a tremendous contribution to my life and living.  I am so grateful for choosing this course and getting more of me.  I have never before been in a course that has provided so many tools and clearings for this price.  Jaden Fox is not afraid to go anywhere or choose anything and his vulnerability makes it all the more invitation for me to go there and choose more for me.  Thanks Jaden!”."

-Julie Turner, Texas

"I expected to change significantly from the course I took with Jaden; I was surprised by how much.  If I were to look at me now from "back then,”  I'd think that I'd be looking at a totally different person.  But looking it from the perspective of "now," I'm really just more ME...significantly more me.   What I didn't expect, however, was how much more interested I am in increasing my sovereignty in my universe.  I am becoming fiercely determined to protect, and enforce, that I am Sovereign in my universe."

-Robert Zaring, Albuquerque, NM

"I have found this course so empowering and it's gifts continue to unfold. The caring and generosity showed by Jaden has been astounding with many extras added to taking us all to new heights.. The whole class has been presented in such a fun and playful manner with such support from Jaden and the group bringing joy and ease into any discomfort or heaviness.

The depth of class content has been totally awesome really accelerating awareness and my ability to transform whatever shows up which doesn't work for me with simple ease. It has helped my to recognize new capacities, have a greater body awareness/ connection, expand my horizons and have/be more of the authentic me."

- Ananda Spinks, Amesbury UK

"I have been working/playing with Jaden for about a year now both on telecalls and privately and he is fearless and clear and kind and goes in like a laser and finds shit and has this gift of clearing and removing it permanently. How lucky and blessed am I for the Universe to have brought Jaden into my life. I feel like I have been in a dark room all my life, knowing there is so much much more and having a match sometimes a flashlight and then Jaden comes along and throws open the windows and opens the door."

- Sheelagh Wright, Canada

"Five months ago when I contacted Jaden, I never thought I was going to have so much change, how much more of Me I was going to step into and a communion with my body started to develop and has been growing since then.

The fun of each session, the space, the possibilities and all the energy dance  that I experienced every time has become the highlight of my week. ...lots of freedom, joy and play. Thank you Jaden for offering me a space of no judgment, fun and infinite possibilities to play and let go of what was on the way of becoming more of Me.

Jaden is amazing. He is really genuine,  happy, potent and very very aware!!!
He can guide you to untangle where you have been sticking yourself at a really fast pace. What a contribution beyond words, he has been for Me and my body, my family and this beautiful planet....what an honor has been working with you...."

- Ana Cristina Studer, Iowa

"I have soooooooooooo much Gratitude for Jaden. For everything that led me to him and for the immense growth I have had since in just a couple months.  I feel such a difference in me again. I acknowledge the humungous leap I have made and am making.

Who Jaden is has once again inspired me 🙂  I sense I have been waiting for a group of individuals like the ones that will evolve after taking your matrix course.  Wow,  we are all so spread out around the earth...  we required the internet and a leader/teacher...    Thank you Jaden for fulfilling that role."

-Terry Lowry, Alberta Canada

"Thank you Jaden for the immense gift you be to my life and to this world!! My choosing coaching sessions with you has been the greatest gift I have given to me so far on so many levels and I’m like FUCK!! WOW!! HOLY SHIT!!  How do I put into words what we create together in a session??

I’ve gone from fuck I can’t stand where I am anymore in so many areas of my life to WOW I get to PLAY with YOU on a weekly basis and receive MORE OF ME and GREATER POSSIBILITIES FOR MY LIFE than I never imagined possible and I am BLOWN AWAY EACH AND EVERY TIME by your phenomenal capacity and awareness and the space that is created in my world.

I am empowered in a way that I always knew was possible but was unable to get to on my own and there aren’t words that even begin to express the gratitude I have for you choosing to share your gifts and be the space I require to take down the walls that I’ve imprisoned myself with once and for all. I have been waiting soooooo long for this and I am so FUCKING DONE with limiting myself and I am FUCKING CHOOSING MORE FOR ME!!"

- Jackie Batog, Alberta