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 About Jaden Fox:
Jaden Fox

Jaden is one of those fearless explorers who enjoys going where others dare not look. He likes to play big… real big. His play is in taking things apart and seeing what makes them tick and putting them back together in a new way. His currently topic… this reality.

For years he’s been poking through the illusions of this reality using any tools he could find. He had a personal mission: To unplug people from the Matrix & Control System of this reality.

“I had some things going on with my body that were just weird and I could not seem to change them. So I began a process of being committed to untangling this no matter where it took me. The process blew my world open in ways I could have never suspected! It took me face-to-face with things I did NOT want to see and had been conditioned to ignore.

It changed everything! I learned that the Matrix is 99% illusion… but I was not prepared for how deep it went and how interconnected I was to it. It’s been the most rapid and potent growth & awareness experience I’ve ever had in my life!

I knew I “should” be scared, but it’s one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done before! This new awareness changes EVERYTHING! This life finally is making sense!"

His gift for explaining the unseen and guiding people to a concrete experience and connection to a more expanded part of themselves has helped him to support his clients in their own process of unplugging from the unseen manipulation that has held them back.

Video 1 is now available!