The launch of the next OUT-Creating Course has been delayed till Early 2022.
SPECIAL:  If you purchase the 2019 OUT-Creating Course (recordings below) the entire amount you spend can be directly applied towards the 2022 course! (as if you had pre-paid!) This also gives you at least a 20% discount on the 2022 course!

Is it time for a more magical life?

This is Body Centered program to take you deeper into Connection with your Magical Body!


It's a 3 Month intensive for adventurers who enjoy exploring on the leading edge and are hungry to go BEYOND normal.

This is an advanced course for those ready to unplug from interference and regain control over your reality.

This (pre-recorded) program is designed to:

  • Build a greater connection with your body
  • Authentically Increase self-love & self-nurturing
  • Improve your moods & emotional states
  • Understand the cosmic reality and your role in it
  • Awaken & step into more gifts, capacities & potencies
  • Give you more control over your emotions, states of being and life
  • Release patterns of interference & victimhood
  • Reclaim more of your potency, vibrancy and life-force energy
  • Master tools for clearing anything that comes up
  • Release judgments of body & self
  • Strategies to getting back to YOU, consistently
  • Being the author of your life again

This program is for you if...


~ you know more is possible and are eager to explore beyond the known.

~ you are seeking a way out of struggle and limitation.
~ going backwards is not an option.  You're ready to expand!


OUT-Creating Interference!

We guide you to REVERSE the core strategies

interference has used to trap you!

♡  Regain your SELF-CONFIDENCE!  (OUT-Create feeling inferior)

♡  Get back your COURAGE & FEARLESSNESS!  (OUT-Create feeling fearful)

♡  Get CONNECTED & find your BELONGING!   (OUT-Create isolation)

♡  Get ENGAGED in YOUR Body & Life!  (OUT-Create feeling unfulfilled)

♡  Become IN CHARGE of Your Reality again!   (OUT-Create giving up)

♡  Find YOUR authentic CLARITY & TRUTH!  (OUT-Create feeling disorientated & unclear)

Explore the Mysteries of this Reality!


-multiple realities?    -multiple Earths?

-buried technologies & defense systems Being can use?

-where are YOU (really) sourced from?

-what is the source behind gods, angels, demons, archangels?

-what is the true alien agenda here?   -are YOU part alien?

-what are all the hidden capacities and magic your Infinite Body has?

+++ and Way MORE!! +++

Master 8 Key Solutions
to get back to feeling good!


Expand into your Infinite Being!

Banish all Exploiters!

Get back to YOUR Universal reality!

Get back to a Natural (symbiotic) reality!

Exit Synthetic mind (reconnect to Body)!

Consistently get Information from Awareness!

Realigning the Being/Body System!

Get Back the lost parts of yourself!

During this course you'll experience...

Expand (doubling!) your Awareness of your reality!

  • guided activities that help you make sense of your past
  • learn how to gain access to ANY awarenesses or info you desire
  • discover how to make sense of this reality & how to change it
  • get powerful tools for finding YOUR truth

Unplugging from Manipulation & Interference

  • expansive tools to untangle the past & clear the exploiters from your life
  • processes to re-embody lost/missing energies to re-empower you to be in charge
  • clearing the components that allow interference into your life

Troubleshooting & Understanding Body issues (it's not what you think)

  • new tools for better communications with your Body
  • tools & processes for untangling difficult and/or persistent Body issues

Communion with your Body & the Planet

  • activities to build connection & communication with your Body, Planet & Universe
  • experience the true connection you have with this Planet & your Body
  • expanding & deepening your relationship with your Body & the Planet

Improving your Sleep, Moods & Personality

  • Troubleshooting & eliminating sleep disturbances
  • Correcting neurological imbalances to dramatically improve your moods
  • Simple tools to change your personality in areas you prefer

Stepping into really CHOOSING for YOU!

  • removing the obstacles that have blocked you from your choices
  • stepping up your capacity to choose for YOU

Tools for CLEARING anything in your way!

  • a coherent & organized system of tools for clearing anything
  • simple tools for getting OUT of really big tangles
  • simple tools to keep yourself CLEAR on a daily basis

Activating your BODY's Magic!

  • Rebuilding CONNECTION to YOU and others.
  • Reconnecting to being LOVED & LOVABLE
  • Activating CONTRIBUTION
  • Exploring enjoyable STRENGTH, POWER & MOVEMENT

Activating your BEING's Magic!

  • Mind blowing - expansive explorations!
    (see things as you've never seen before!)
  • Discover more about your Personal Truth
  • Uncover more of your Gifts & Abilities


Jaden connects with YOU personally


to find out what's blocking you...
and make a custom plan to empower you to change it! 


plus many ways of asking your personal questions:

▶  Direct email access with Jaden to ask personal questions/advice

▶  Monthly live Q&A where you get personal time with me

▶  Private Facebook group for questions



a set of Organized Tools!


if you are feeling wonky or struggling,
clearing tools need to be SIMPLE to find and use!


One page with the process for CREATION

One page with core tools for CLEARING

an organized system for clearing practically anything!


  • scan the tools and see which items are an issue, then do just those


  • or do them all to COMPLETELY clear a specific issue!

One page for mastering Asking Questions & consistently receiving information!

One page with CORE tools for getting BACK TO YOU -conscious, clear and aware!


organized so you can intuitive find exactly what needs to be cleared

so you can REPEATEDLY get back to your aware self


and one manual with All the Tools!


A searchable ebook containing all the clearing tools 

Alphabetical listing of all the common Symptoms

Alphabetical listing of all the Tools

organized, clear and interactive...

You can search by common Symptoms (if you don't know what tool to use)

or search by Tool name:

- each tool is explained in detail
- how it works, alternative tools
- some have links to explainer videos that guide you

(available immediately for FULL pay members)



a process to use for those STUBBORN things that won't change


A guided process of intense receiving to get more clarity on ANY topic!

We know it can get hard some times...

So we make everything EASY!!


Jaden & his team have spent years

creating new tools and processes


to change the unchangeable!


and if you have something new,
we work together with YOU to find those new solutions!


You'll get a FIRST CLASS program...


A VIDEO Series that guides you to clarity!

28 Dynamic video programs with Jaden

~ Giving you tools & support to expand your awareness

~ Each program inviting you deeper into your true knowing

~ Facilitation of Body & Being

~ Work interactive partner exercises

~ With video  & MP3 audio downloads

$1,300 value


Special video based programs on specific topics (often pre-recorded, sometimes LIVE)

~ Special advanced Clearing Programs

~ Resources custom tailored to YOUR needs!

~ Feature Movies that expand your Awareness

~ Special Topics as needed

~ All on Video!
~ with MP3 downloads

$800 value

Personal Feedback from Jaden

You get unrestricted access to me!   By messenger or by email.   I encourage you to ask your personal questions and get support untangling things!  I'll go as deep as you want to go...

Especially useful for "when you are in the shit" - contact me immediately explaining what's going on and ask questions.  I will respond as soon as possible and get you the resources you need to change it!

~ You get my direct email address

~ Contact me on FB Messenger

~ Ask questions in the Facebook group


Clearing False Light - going deeper!

A continuation of  the free video series, we go deeper into clearing other elements not discussed in the free program.

Clear tangly implants and many layers of tricks used to trap you in the False Light

$127 value

END Cravings, Low Energy & Funky Moods Ebook

You get this Revolutionary Guide for balancing Brain Neurochemistry using Targeted Amino Acids.

-Easy STEP-BY-STEP guide to diagnosing your issues
-Determining what & how much to take
-Making it all work consistently

$47 value

Diagnosing & Preventing Sleep Disturbances Ebook

You get THE most complete guide for troubleshooting and eliminating the causes of sleep disturbances.  Many issues not found anywhere else.

-Process for diagnosing sleep issues
-Resolution for dozens of energetic causes
-Resolution for many even obscure physical causes

-I'll also do a LIVE program to demonstrate how to check your house for energetic issues and how to resolve them so you can sleep better!

$80 value

Downloadable Ebook Reference Library

You get access to a  reference library with the most impactful books Jaden has found over the years for resolving common issues awareness seekers face.  Your welcome to choose any books that grab you, at no cost to you!

Jaden will also recommend specific books to people based on what you have going on in your body or reality.

$120 value

Printouts, Cards & Resources

Jaden creates, professional and organized resources that help you to know what questions to ask, how to clear completely and always have reminders handy!

~ Print-outs for easy reference

~ Reminder cards with clearings & questions

~ Ebooks with everything easy to find

~ Links to short explainer videos

$360 value

Private Facebook Community

For sharing, group support and asking questions of Jaden.  Includes past graduates who also are there to support you on your journey!  This is a RICH place of sharing and untangling.

Priceless 🙂

Suprise Gifts Along the Way

Jaden has some surprises you'll enjoy!

Priceless 🙂

IN-Body Diagnostic Manual

This manual is a collection of unusual topics I have uncovered and cleared in my thousands of hours of work in untangling my own reality and my client’s realities.   A collection of VERY unusual questions that help you to perceive things that might be holding you back too.

It's a PDF resource manual (75+ pages) to intuitively explore and see what jumps up for you when you scan the different questions and topics.  Both for untangling Body & Being.

It's a tremendous resource for people who have been unable to clear unusual things from their life.  These are the common "unusual things" that people seem to have in their reality... with questions to help you untangle those issues!

(ONLY for FULL PAY members!)           $49 value

BONUS: Create Money YOUR way!

A complete 9 module course to resolve complex money issues, clearing fear around money!  (uses Access Consciousness® clearing techniques)
- Locating your ideal sources of income, ways that are fun for you!
- Stepping into more ease and simplicity in your financial life.
- Activating your personal connection to your internal source of guidance

- Using potent tools to change anything that is holding you back
- Clearing the conditioning and beliefs that keep your money situation limited
- Releasing you from patterns of fear, struggle, hard work and constraints that limit your freedom


$350 value

BONUS: Prosperity as YOUR Flow

Financial Tools for Conscious Creators Entrepreneurs
This is Jaden's more advanced money program for Coaches, and facilitators of consciousness.   It's a real down-to-earth look at what it takes to create income while using tools of consciousness.  The program has 4 video modules (with handouts, audio downloads and additional resources for facilitators).

1- Unlocking Your Money: from the hidden controls that bind it...
Clearing  Matrix overlays that limit & constrain your capacity with money

2- Standing in your Value:
How to charge money for doing what you love... by recognizing your value and standing in that as your truth.  How to create a business from play and enjoyment rather than work.

3- Getting Real: scarcity, false light, next logical step
Getting real with what it takes:  Stepping out of scarcity and false light and creating a business based on work that you love

4- Creation Diagnostics: Clear-Choose-Questions-Take action
Honing your capacity to create the business you desire

$300 value


Program value = $3,406     .


Sign up NOW  - 70% off!


diagnostic manual
Exclusive access to:

IN-Body Diagnostics Manual

tools manual

Immediate Access to:

OUT-Creating Tools Manual

1 payment of:   $979

   3 Pay Installment Plan

Single Payment TODAY, then 2 more monthly payments 30 days apart.
Some course elements won't be available until after your final payment.

3 installments of:   $347

(single pay $347 now, then 2 monthly payments of $347)

Pay by: or by   Stripe®  secure credit card:  


I am so confident that this course will DOUBLE or even triple your sense of awareness about this reality and your life... that I will REFUND YOUR MONEY if you don't feel your conscious awareness has DOUBLED by the end of the course!

Fine print:    You need to actually PARTICIPATE in this course in order to gain the maximum benefit.    You need to have:   1. Viewed the 14 main video programs,  2. Have explored with the Amino Acid program,  3. Have contacted me for support when you had questions, issues or confusion.  4. Have watched the weekly Enrichment programs.
If on good faith attempts on your part, by the end of the program you feel you don't have the sense that your awareness has doubled,  I will of course refund your money.  


Frequently Asked Questions...

What are the course dates & times?

  • This course is pre-recorded
  • There will be monthly LIVE Q&A programs for asking your questions. You'll get notifications of when those occur.
  • The course moves at YOUR pace. But I suggest you stay in regular email contact with me. Everyone is in a different place... my goal is to get everyone the resources they require to them from wherever they are to the furthest most place possible.

This course is NOT for you if...

  • If you are mostly COMFORTABLE where your life is at presently
  • You are NOT OPEN to creating change in your life

Money is tight right now... how can I do this?

  • Ask: "Is interference using money fears to stop me?"
  • Take the: 3 monthly payments... (only $257/month)
  • Ask: "Will this course IMPROVE my capacity to generate more income?"
  • If you have other concerns, do email me! I'm happy to explore this with you personally.

Recognize that interference KNOWS that if you take this course - they will lose control over you.   

Interference will often look for any excuse you will accept to get you to NOT take this course.  They will use money, or time or anything else that will trigger you.

If you know this course is right for you, don't hesitate.  Join quickly.

Don't give interference a chance to 'work you over' and get you to change your mind.

Realize interference does NOT want you to take this program 🙂

Working with Jaden...


"Over the years I have invested in so many teachers looking for guidance and still spinning in a storm. It means so very much that you [Jaden] take the time to be readily accessible as we seek to expand our awareness. It is a wonderful feeling to stop being afraid and instead, be able to reach out for direct, kind, support. I just wanted you to know how very much your time is valued.

I have stopped waking up defeated and dreading the day. In general, my mind is quieter, and even though the challenges are the same, I have stopped feeling powerless and hopeless.   Little things that seemed insurmountable, no longer feel like the impossible feat that they were. Sure, there is still more to do, but finally, there is progress!!!

 THANK YOU!!!!!   I am enjoying learning and expanding with you.”

-Nadine, Trinidad

"Wow!  So much has changed for me!  I had been sitting in a place for several years where I thought that I couldn't create the life I desired to create or share my gifts.   I felt I was just going through the motions to get by, and was spinning my wheels trying to "fix" myself!  I was frustrated and stuck in monumental loop of judgment of me and of my life!

This ''Outcreating the Matrix’ course has blown all of that out of the water!  I have had so much that was loading me down just "drop away" - ideas, beliefs, judgment, energies, people!  I am now choosing for me, creating new projects and beginning to step out and share my gifts and be Me!  It is amazing how much change has actually happened for me!  The way I view myself, the world, and so many other things bears very little resemblance to where I was when I started this class!   I hate to admit it, but it was kind of easy!   Thank you, Jaden!

Jaden takes you places you never even thought of going!  Are you ready to get out of the box of your limitations for real?  Take this class!  Edge seekers, you will adore the journey that you will take with Jaden!  Don't think about it - just go for it if it feels good to you!  You will be so glad you did!”

-Ale’a Coleman, Milwaukee Wisconsin

"So much has changed for me with this 'Outcreating the Matrix’ course, it’s been Fucking awesome!!!!.  For the first time ever in my life I no longer feel compelled to eat compulsively. Woo Hoo!!!!  I have a deepening of the knowing that no one is more powerful than me!   And choosing to live from a state of consciousness is way easier now.

I spend several years and over 20K somewhere else to get half as much lasting change. This course was sooooo worth the investment of time and money. I love how Jaden is able to hold a space for everyone, be transparent about his own journey in a way that allows us to expand even more.  I also love how he incorporates ideas and concepts from others and openly shares links to other amazing individuals. The spirit of non-competition in action.  Take this course!”

-Dana Pharant,  Ontario, Canada

"The 'Outcreating the Matrix course is something completely and utterly different and powerful that opened me to see my world and reality in a completely different way. Jaden has opened up my life to new capacities, awareness and abilities to create and be the change I wish to create.  Overall, I feel much more empowered and in-charge of my life, and less of a victim drifting thru life as previously.  Jaden's ability to help you sift through your "crap" and open the door for more expanded awareness and thus possibility is palpable.  And....last but not least, my life has gotten so much more FUN and more ease seems to show up consistently as a result!"

-Brad Barnoski, Pennsylvania

"I am so grateful for Jaden and this amazing class. ‘Outcreating the Matrix’ has ended up being one of the most weird, wacky and freeing experiences I have ever had.

In each session so many energies were shifted for me and so much stuff has been cleared, which is way beyond words and therefore hard to describe.

So let’s put it in simple words: I am being way more me than ever before and all my creations have been accelerated – much faster, lighter and way more expansive…and we are not at the end yet….YAY!   Infinitely grateful!"

-Tanja Barth, Westphalia Germany

"As a result of doing ‘Outcreating the Matrix’  my life has become more fun, easy and simple. Jaden has given us and continues to give and share loads of information and tools which assist me in clearing things easily & with fun.

I love the subtle & magical way Jaden works behind the scenes to help me shift & change with simple ease and allows me to be me without any judgment!  "Fun & Play" have been some of my platforms from which I function and Jaden has incorporated them in his "live telecalls" which are filled with fun & lots of laughter & lightness!

I had been going through many physical issues before I began the course with Jaden, but since the last 2 months my body has been changing so much and I am happy to say that I have dropped one or two sizes in my clothes and my body feels lighter and more at ease than before.  I have started choosing foods that my body desires and my sense of smell and awareness has expanded more than ever before.   I am happy to say that I am able to manipulate time to my simple advantage. I had an issue with asking questions and participating in groups and now I am able to do that more easily than before. Everything  I desire shows up faster now with simple ease."

-Nila Shah, Kenya

“Jaden's course and those choosing to play in it, have been a tremendous contribution to my life and living.  I am so grateful for choosing this course and getting more of me.  I have never before been in a course that has provided so many tools and clearings for this price.  Jaden Fox is not afraid to go anywhere or choose anything and his vulnerability makes it all the more invitation for me to go there and choose more for me.  Thanks Jaden!”."

-Julie Turner, Texas

"I expected to change significantly from the course I took with Jaden; I was surprised by how much.  If I were to look at me now from "back then,”  I'd think that I'd be looking at a totally different person.  But looking it from the perspective of "now," I'm really just more ME...significantly more me.   What I didn't expect, however, was how much more interested I am in increasing my sovereignty in my universe.  I am becoming fiercely determined to protect, and enforce, that I am Sovereign in my universe."

-Robert Zaring, Albuquerque, NM

"I have found this course so empowering and it's gifts continue to unfold. The caring and generosity showed by Jaden has been astounding with many extras added to taking us all to new heights.. The whole class has been presented in such a fun and playful manner with such support from Jaden and the group bringing joy and ease into any discomfort or heaviness.

The depth of class content has been totally awesome really accelerating awareness and my ability to transform whatever shows up which doesn't work for me with simple ease. It has helped my to recognize new capacities, have a greater body awareness/ connection, expand my horizons and have/be more of the authentic me."

- Ananda Spinks, Amesbury UK

"I have been working/playing with Jaden for about a year now both on telecalls and privately and he is fearless and clear and kind and goes in like a laser and finds shit and has this gift of clearing and removing it permanently. How lucky and blessed am I for the Universe to have brought Jaden into my life. I feel like I have been in a dark room all my life, knowing there is so much much more and having a match sometimes a flashlight and then Jaden comes along and throws open the windows and opens the door."

- Sheelagh Wright, Canada

"Five months ago when I contacted Jaden, I never thought I was going to have so much change, how much more of Me I was going to step into and a communion with my body started to develop and has been growing since then.

The fun of each session, the space, the possibilities and all the energy dance  that I experienced every time has become the highlight of my week. ...lots of freedom, joy and play. Thank you Jaden for offering me a space of no judgment, fun and infinite possibilities to play and let go of what was on the way of becoming more of Me.

Jaden is amazing. He is really genuine,  happy, potent and very very aware!!!
He can guide you to untangle where you have been sticking yourself at a really fast pace. What a contribution beyond words, he has been for Me and my body, my family and this beautiful planet....what an honor has been working with you...."

- Ana Cristina Studer, Iowa

"I have soooooooooooo much Gratitude for Jaden. For everything that led me to him and for the immense growth I have had since in just a couple months.  I feel such a difference in me again. I acknowledge the humungous leap I have made and am making.

Who Jaden is has once again inspired me 🙂  I sense I have been waiting for a group of individuals like the ones that will evolve after taking your matrix course.  Wow,  we are all so spread out around the earth...  we required the internet and a leader/teacher...    Thank you Jaden for fulfilling that role."

-Terry Lowry, Alberta Canada

"Thank you Jaden for the immense gift you be to my life and to this world!! My choosing coaching sessions with you has been the greatest gift I have given to me so far on so many levels and I’m like FUCK!! WOW!! HOLY SHIT!!  How do I put into words what we create together in a session??

I’ve gone from fuck I can’t stand where I am anymore in so many areas of my life to WOW I get to PLAY with YOU on a weekly basis and receive MORE OF ME and GREATER POSSIBILITIES FOR MY LIFE than I never imagined possible and I am BLOWN AWAY EACH AND EVERY TIME by your phenomenal capacity and awareness and the space that is created in my world.

I am empowered in a way that I always knew was possible but was unable to get to on my own and there aren’t words that even begin to express the gratitude I have for you choosing to share your gifts and be the space I require to take down the walls that I’ve imprisoned myself with once and for all. I have been waiting soooooo long for this and I am so FUCKING DONE with limiting myself and I am FUCKING CHOOSING MORE FOR ME!!"

- Jackie Batog, Alberta

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